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Despite your best efforts to lock up your apartment, your dwelling may still be targeted for a break-in, especially if you have valuable possessions. Losing your belongings can be a hard financial blow. That's why you need to get coverage from the Davis Agency for your apartment and your belongings.


Our insurance agents can help you find a plan that is affordable for you, so you manage to have quality coverage without paying a fortune for it. Prepare yourself against theft so you won't have to suffer major financial losses.

Get coverage for break-ins

Even though you don't own the apartment, you should still get insurance so you're covered when disasters strike. Renters insurance includes floods, fire, windstorm, hail, and freezing of plumbing systems.


With renters insurance, you won't have to shell out major amounts of money to get your apartment fixed.

Be prepared for disasters

When renting, keep yourself and your possessions covered in case of break-ins or disasters.

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Protect your belongings in your apartment.